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Sam Rose
A white transman with pale pink hair wrapped in a black bandana, black glasses, and a white t-shirt takes a mirror selfie on his phone, which is in a galaxy themed case and has a Shrek sticker on it. The mirror has an orange sun drawn on it, partially obscuring his face, and the background is the same shade of bright orange.

Hello fellow kids!

I’m Sam Rose, an educator, artist, and community organizer from the Chicagoland Area. You can find my work published in New Voices Magazine, for sale at Quimby’s Chicago, and on my podcast Hiddur HaKol. You may also run into me running around city hall with the Bring Chicago Home coalition or wherever queer Jews are hanging out.

I teach Jewish and justice topics of many kinds, Hebrew for beginners, D’var Torah, and mentor for “Mitzvah Projects”. You can find more information about hiring me here.

You can get in touch with me on Instagram or buy my zines through this order form.

Thanks for stopping by :)