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Sam Rose

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Sam Rose
thank you notes for healthcare providers and staff at Planned Parenthoods that have seen increases in protestors outside their buildings

I have experience teaching and tutoring Jewish topics and Hebrew for beginners for 4th-12th grades. I also have experience mentoring for D’var Torah and “mitzvah projects” for upcoming Bet Mitzvahs (aka B’nei, Bat, Bar, Kabbalat or Brit Mitzvahs). I have availability in person Sunday-Thursdays in person within the Chicagoland Area and over Zoom. My rates start at $35 an hour.

For some projects I accept and even prefer trades of professional services. This arrangement requires careful planning with the family. Please reach out for more information.

care packages for people who had to travel to Illinois to receive the reproductive care they need

I take a kid-centered approach to all my teaching and tutoring, especially my D’var Torah and “mitzvah project” mentoring. I want to teach what your kid wants to know, and I build skills they can use as Jewish adults to research and answer their own Jewish and social justice questions. I believe the learning is in the process, and sometimes the process is messy! If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy Mitzvah Project or a D’var Torah that makes your child sound like a miniature Rabbi, I’m not your guy.

kids being kids and doing good deeds!

My first session with every client includes talking with parents about what your goals are for your child’s learning and projects and talking to the kids about what they think is most important. Your kids and I will generate a list of their learning goals, their skill building goals, and we will define what success looks like before we begin studying or planning. I do assign homework, but only in conversation with the kids about what their capacity is that particular week.

I’d love to work with you; contact me at